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When it comes to more financially secure criminals, their arsenal tends to include the best defense lawyer money can buy, who will inevitably use smear tactics. Fred Dryer stated that this episode was filmed to try to appease fans and the network, who were constantly wanting Hunter and McCall to get together. When you're a TV cop trying to make the streets safer, the crooks you round up will defend themselves any way they can. Kamel is best remembered for portraying a very different psychiatrist, however: Dr. Charles Kroger, psychiatrist to the multi-phobic mental health enigma that is Adrian Monk of the beloved mystery-comedy series "Monk.". 6,141 talking about this. Tartikoff agreed and put the show on hiatus until a better time slot could be found. Channel surfing redux: The bowling-alley lawyer (Tom Cavanagh) is supposed to choose between Carol (Julie Bowen) and Frankie (Sabrina Lloyd) on the season finale of NBC's "Ed" (8 p.m. Friday, WMAQ-Ch. The show's second season benefited from the inclusion of Hollywood veteran Roy Huggins, who previously worked onMaverick,The Rockford FilesandThe Fugitive. Bruce Davidson is an accomplished actor with a long list of films and series under his belt. this affect him. Fans of the show were hooked from the first season. The real-life infamous unsolved Black Dahlia LA murder case from 1947 is thrust back into headlines as bones with identical cuts to the historical case are discovered under an old building being demolished. Also, the setting moved from the gritty and dangerous backstreets to posh areas of Los Angeles, and a Mob-related subplot from season one disappeared. While he only shows up seven times, his appearances usually arrive in two-parters with greater narrative weight. Fred Dryer musical credits first, broadcast on NBC Friday nights, competing with the Los Angeles California! (198587), Perry Cook Barney Udall (Coroner) (198690), Courtney Barilla Allison Novak (1991), Robert Firth Det. But the relation didnt stay for last. Appearing between Seasons 2 and 5 of "Hunter" is Don Edmonds. Jokes about Iraq are off in light of current events ("Not only should we invade Iraq, we should put it on pay-per-view and sell bobble-head dolls") but are still funny. Dee Dee McCall. Dee Dee McCall. Dee Dee McCall - The Brass Cupcake - since the show's debut, is leaving the program in the conclusion of a It starred Fred Dryer as Sgt. During the sixth season - her final season, she drove a gold-colored 1990 Dodge Dynasty. He also appeared in numerous TV roles over the past three decades. // -->